Abdominal Wall Reconstructive Surgery

abdominal wall reconstructive surgeryThe abdominal wall is three layers of muscle that protect the internal organs. When this wall is damaged by wounds or persistent hernias, reconstructive surgery may be necessary. Typically, hernia corrective surgery is the first line of defense, but sometimes the repair doesn’t sustain, and thus more advanced methods are required.

The purpose of abdominal wall reconstructive surgery is to fortify the abdomen, buttress the abdominal muscles, safeguard the abdominal organs and keep the intestines from bulging through the abdominal wall. The procedure involves making incisions in the abdomen, shifting the abdominal muscles and restructuring the abdominal wall. The newly repositioned muscles are bolstered by a biologic mesh made of an organic material that is, in most cases, quickly accepted by the patient’s body (also, organic mesh carries with it a decreased risk of infection over synthetic). The overall goal of the reconstruction is to create an abdominal wall that is durable enough to endure vigorous exercise and exertion.

If you need abdominal wall reconstructive surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. El-Ghazzawy to discuss your options.