What Is Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy?

laparoscopic cholecystectomyRemoval of the gallbladder utilizing minimally invasive surgical techniques is called Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. It involves inserting a tiny video camera with light (laparoscope) into a small incision near the navel. The surgeon can then watch the internal organs through a video monitor while manipulating long, specially designed instruments through additional incisions. The gallbladder is delicately separated from its attachment to the liver and bile duct and removed through one of these incisions.

The benefits of this procedure include less pain and shorter recuperation time due to the smaller incisions, a quicker release from the hospital (most patients leave the day after the procedure), a swifter return to normal activities, and minimal scarring.

There are a few reasons not to pursue a laparoscopic strategy. If you’ve had surgery in the same area as the gallbladder, if you tend to bleed in excess, or if the surgeon cannot clearly see your gallbladder, then open surgery may be preferable.

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