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I Highly Recommend This Surgeon!

Dr. El-Ghazzawy completed a bilateral hernia repair for me with excellent results. His team was helpful, courteous and well organized. I had some unusual circumstances and he took the time to understand and then help me successfully prepare for my needs. I highly recommend this surgeon!

Calm, Mindful, and Caring Presence

Dr. El-Ghazzawy exudes a calm, mindful, and caring presence. He and his expert team disarmed my anxiety on the day of surgery, and made me feel comfortable with trusting my health to them. I am so grateful to them for the care I received and the way they prepared me for recovery. The surgery was successful, the scarring is minimal, and I feel healthy again. Thank you.

Exceptional Personal Care and Attention

I highly recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy, his entire staff as well as the surgery center! Everyone that I encountered during my pre-op, actual surgery and post-op were second to none! The personal care and individual attention that I have received have made me feel very comfortable. The staff and Dr. E are very attentive to my recovery and any surrounding issues.

I Strongly Recommend Him

I have received excellent care from Dr. El-Ghazzawy. He took the time to explain my surgery and treatment with clarity and precision. He has answered all my questions. It is obvious his staff as well as surgical staff like him and are pleased to work with him. My surgery and recovery have gone well. I strongly recommend him.

Thank You Dr. El-Ghazzawy For An Excellent Surgical Experience

Thank you Dr El-Ghazzawy for an excellent surgical experience. From the initial consultation, the day of the procedure, to the post follow-up visit it was a very comfortable process.

Thank You Dr. El-Ghazzawy For Everything

Dr. El-Ghazzawy and his team provided me with excellent care, before, during and after my recent hernia operation. His support staff is both friendly and professional. Dr. El-Ghazzawy took the time to explain the procedure, the estimated recovery time, and any possible complications. He even took the time to personally contact me after the operation to see how I was doing prior to my follow-up appointment. My post-surgery recovery has been speedy and I’m already back to my normal routine. Thank you Dr. El-Ghazzawy for everything.

Dr. El-Ghazzawy Is A True Professional!!

WONDERFUL!!!————-Dr. El Ghazzawy is a true professional!! He CARES about his patients, has wonderful bedside manner, and is easy to talk to. He did my surgery, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!! He’s a gem!

Very Professional And Courteous

I was referred to Dr. El-Ghazzawy by my primary care physician based on the results of a CT scan. Dr. El-Ghazzawy reviewed my test results prior to my appointment and was prepared to discuss with me what could be done surgically. Since this was my very first surgery at 73, I was a bit apprehensive. Dr. El-Ghazzawy took the time to answer my questions and address my concerns. I decided to be proactive and have the surgery done as soon as possible. I met with Dr. El-Ghazzawy on the morning of surgery. He asked if there were any changes he needed to be aware of. He again went over what he would be doing and about how long it would take. During surgery, he found I had an existing umbilical hernia that he repaired. After the surgery was over, Dr. El-Ghazzawy took the time to call my wife and explained to her that the surgery went well, and I could go home in an hour or so. At my checkup appointment, Dr. El-Ghazzawy, had my pathology results and pictures of the surgery waiting for me. The pictures were kind of neat to look at! He said if I had any issues or questions during recovery, do not hesitate to call his office. I found the office staff to be very professional and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy.

Great Experience With Dr. El-Ghazzawy

I had great experience with Dr. El-Ghazzawy. This was my first real surgery in my life (65 years) and Dr. El-Ghazzawy with his very calm demeanor helped me to understand what to expect in advance. He was very thorough in doing a full work up on my condition ahead of the surgery including scans and a visit to another specialist that he initiated. He took every precaution ahead of the procedure…considered and planned for what could potentially go wrong and prepared me for it. The surgery itself was a success, minimally invasive and the other professionals he teamed up with at Overlake Hospital made it a very good experience with surprisingly minimal pain and discomfort. His follow up post surgery was also very good as he referred me to an additional specialist to pursue next steps with my condition.

I Had Excellent Results

I had a terrific experience with Dr. El-Ghazzawy for bi-lateral hernia. He’s highly professional, experienced, and personable, too. I had excellent results. I’m a professor at UW. I’ve been around many top people. From my perspective, this guy is good!

I Would Not Hesitate To Recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy

I recently experienced my first real surgery for a hiatal hernia. Dr. El-Ghazzawy and his staff put me at ease the minute I entered their office area. He spent time making sure I understood what the surgery entailed and what the healing time would require. The surgery went well; I am recovering quickly and am so thankful for the caring, supportive office support and nurses that so enjoy working for such a professional surgeon who honestly cares about his patients. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy!

Magnificent Surgeon

Dr. El-Ghazzawy repaired my inguinal hernias and my recovery was speedy and uneventful. Dr. El-Ghazzawy not only is a magnificent surgeon, but he also has that not-often-seen kind of human quality and exceptionally comforting bedside manner physicians displayed in the past. Additionally, Dr. El-Ghazzawy encourages and practices the often-ignored-art of hand cleaning and hand washing. One of the reasons I delayed for about fourteen years the inguinal repair surgery was fear of infection, but Dr. El-Ghazzawy firmly believes in: Do No Harm: Clean Your Hands.

I Highly Recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy And His Team

Dr. El-Ghazzaway and his entire team are extremely professional, patient and caring. His reassurances that the dramatic stories I had been told by “friends” about problems with their hernia surgeries (other doctors) were very unusual turned out to be true. My surgery turned out to be quick and trouble free. I highly recommend Dr. El-Ghazzaway and his team.

Dr. El-Ghazzawy Helped Me Understand The Facts

I am so relieved to have a glimmer of hope what the impacts of my hiatial hearnia are having. With most of my stomach in my chest area for two months, and Dr El-Ghazzawy’s drawings and explanations that grew in depth and detail were just what I needed to make sense of what is going on and know what is the right thing to do about it. Dr. El-Ghazzawy helped me understand the facts of the danger of my condition and it was such a blessing to feel scientifically and wholistically validated for why I feel so weak and delapidated and know that it will get better. Looking forward to Scuba Diving again. Thanks Dr.

I Highly Recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy

Besides being very professional, everyone at the office was friendly and on top of their job. Dr El-Ghazzawy did not keep me waiting very long at all. He explained everything to me clearly. Yet what was most impressive to me was that he took his time with me. I was a human having a conversation with another human. It was so nice to have a doctor spend some time with you and to not feel like another cog in the machine. Not like other traditional western medicine doctors I have seen. I highly recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy.

I Am Very Grateful To Dr. El-Ghazzawy For Saving My Life

After a very serious auto accident earlier this year, I am very grateful to Dr. El-Ghazzawy for saving my life with his superior surgical skills and excellent care and follow up. He is an excellent surgeon and doctor. I would highly recommend him!

The Follow-Up Care With His Office Was Wonderful, With Both The Doctor And His Staff

I was referred to Dr. El-Ghazzawy by my primary care physician for a hernia. Dr. El-Ghazzawy diagnosed an umbilical hernia that needed repair. Dr. El-Ghazzawy did an excellent job of describing the surgery, the possible side-effects and answering all of my questions and concerns. Before the operation he contacted me to ensure I didn’t have any additional concerns. Immediately after the surgery I had complications, unrelated to my hernia, with my heart. Throughout my stay in the hospital, Dr. El-Ghazzawy checked on me to ensure I was recovering from the surgery, but also that I was getting the care I needed to determine what was happening with my heart. The follow-up care with his office was wonderful, with both the doctor and his staff doing everything to accommodate both my personal needs and the needs of my family.

Sincere Gratitude, Faith In His Obvious Medical Expertise

Dr. El-Ghazzawy treated me for a medical condition, the alternate treatment for which, would have been most uncomfortable. As a result of his choice, I am now fully recovered without having to endure the discomfort of the alternate procedure. I was immediately impressed with his bedside manner and warm pleasing countenance. I will continue to owe him a debt of sincere gratitude, and have continuing faith in his obvious medical expertise.

Truly Exceptional In Both Patient Care And Authentic Concern With Providing The Best Level Of Care

I was recommended to Dr El-Ghazzawy by my primary care physician for hernia symptoms I experienced while providing emergency care as an EMT. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly professionalism and genuine concern of Dr. El-Ghazzawy and his staff. I perceived him as very thorough, knowledgeable and willing to fully explain my condition and the procedures necessary to correct it. I have interacted with many physicians over the course of my 25+ year career and have found a few to be truly exceptional in both patient care and authentic concern with providing the best level of care possible. It is my unsolicited opinion that Dr. El-Ghazzawy (and his office staff) belong in that category.
He has my highest recommendation, Thanks Dr. El-Ghazzawy!

Dedicated, Professional And Caring

I was referred to Dr. El-Ghazzawy for hernia repair surgery, and was quite concerned about all I was about to go through. Dr. El-Ghazzawy helped alleviate all my concerns with detailed and clear explanation of the procedure so that I knew what to expect and could prepare myself for the surgery. Everything related to the surgery was effortless. My recovery from the surgery was much swifter than I expected, and with almost no pains except for the first 24 hours after surgery. Dr. El-Ghazzawy made sure to check on me even after the surgery and showed real concern for my overall health, not only related to the surgery. I am no surgeon, but the incision is very small and it looks like a high quality procedure that will not leave a noticeable mark . I was fortunate to have such a dedicated, professional and caring person be my surgeon, and would warmly recommend him for anyone.

Performs The Latest Up To Date Surgical Procedures

Having personally worked with many of the local general surgeons from the other side of the surgical drape as an anesthesia provider, I can only give the highest recommendation for Dr. El-Ghazzawy as a physician and surgeon. I found him to be a caring professional that spends all the time that is needed with each and every patient; outlining all the medical/surgical options available to help in the healing process for each individual patient. However in the situations surgical intervention is indeed needed, Dr. El-Ghazzawy performs the latest up to date surgical procedures at the highest technical level with the utmost skill. He is a doctor I would send anyone of my own family to!

Very Professional

Dr. El-Ghazzawy repaired a bilateral hernia I had last year. His office was very efficient and helpful. The surgery experience was easy and the postop care very helpful. Dr. El-Ghazzawy was always very professional. He answered all my questions clearly and presented the options. And, most importantly, he did a great surgery.

He Did An Excellent Job

I am a practicing surgeon. I had my hernia repaired by Dr. El-Ghazzawy. He did an excellent job, and I was able to go back to my work in a few days. I highly recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy for your general surgical needs.

He Has My Unqualified Recommendation

As a practicing anesthesiologist at Overlake Medical Center, I am able to observe many general surgeons at work. Although all are very capable, when it came time to choose a surgeon to fix my inguinal hernia, I selected Dr. El-Ghazzawy. He was able to perform the repair laparoscopically, and I had an excellent result. He has my unqualified recommendation.

Most Professional Care Balanced With Clear Concern

Dr. El-Ghazzawy has been exemplary in providing me with surgery and after care treatment for my subsequent complications. His concern for my health and comfort as well as his balanced but aggressive approach to dealing with my complications helped me not only feel confident that my problem would be dealt with but also got me out of the hospital at least a day early. From my initial meeting before surgery to my latest follow-up appointment I have received the most professional care balanced with clear concern and interest in how I am progressing and feeling about my progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy.