I was referred to Dr. El-Ghazzawy for hernia repair surgery, and was quite concerned about all I was about to go through. Dr. El-Ghazzawy helped alleviate all my concerns with detailed and clear explanation of the procedure so that I knew what to expect and could prepare myself for the surgery. Everything related to the surgery was effortless. My recovery from the surgery was much swifter than I expected, and with almost no pains except for the first 24 hours after surgery. Dr. El-Ghazzawy made sure to check on me even after the surgery and showed real concern for my overall health, not only related to the surgery. I am no surgeon, but the incision is very small and it looks like a high quality procedure that will not leave a noticeable mark . I was fortunate to have such a dedicated, professional and caring person be my surgeon, and would warmly recommend him for anyone.

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