I was referred to Dr. El-Ghazzawy by my primary care physician based on the results of a CT scan. Dr. El-Ghazzawy reviewed my test results prior to my appointment and was prepared to discuss with me what could be done surgically. Since this was my very first surgery at 73, I was a bit apprehensive. Dr. El-Ghazzawy took the time to answer my questions and address my concerns. I decided to be proactive and have the surgery done as soon as possible. I met with Dr. El-Ghazzawy on the morning of surgery. He asked if there were any changes he needed to be aware of. He again went over what he would be doing and about how long it would take. During surgery, he found I had an existing umbilical hernia that he repaired. After the surgery was over, Dr. El-Ghazzawy took the time to call my wife and explained to her that the surgery went well, and I could go home in an hour or so. At my checkup appointment, Dr. El-Ghazzawy, had my pathology results and pictures of the surgery waiting for me. The pictures were kind of neat to look at! He said if I had any issues or questions during recovery, do not hesitate to call his office. I found the office staff to be very professional and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. El-Ghazzawy.

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