Robotic Colectomy

robotic colectomyThe term Robotic Colectomy is a little misleading, because it conjures images of a self-guiding machine performing surgery to remove a section of the colon. The truth is, it’s a procedure that involves a console system with a magnified, three-dimensional, high definition visual interface where the surgeon sits and operates controls, and the movements of these controls are interpreted by a computer which guides the actual instruments being used on the patient.

These instruments enter the body through tiny incisions, and their incredible nimbleness, coupled with the amplified display provided by the console, affords the surgeon a far more exacting control of the procedure than with open or laparoscopic surgery. This control can translate into greatly reduced: trauma (and therefore need for pain medication), blood loss, scarring, and risk of infection.

All surgical procedures have risks, and robotic surgery is no different. In some cases, the robotic strategy has to be abandoned because the minimally invasive approach won’t allow the surgeon to complete the operation. Overall, however, robotic surgery carries fewer risks than laparoscopic and open surgery, and as the technology improves, so will the results.

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